Welcome to our FAQ's.  If you can't find a what you are looking for and you would like to know more, please feel free to get in touch today via  Customer Services

Yes, we use PayPal|Stripe as our payment provider. SkyLine Gaming does not hold ANY credit card or personal information.

The only information we can hold is your email address and username. (Address if provided on your SkyLine Gaming account).

NO! Our CD key allocation system does not auto-generate cd keys. All our system does is stores the CD keys in the form of a text and then automatically allocates it to customers when a purchase has been approved.

We make savings buying our games in bulk, wholesale. We make further savings as we only sell digital games, which means we don’t have any expensive storage or shipping costs. We pass these savings on to you via our low prices as this makes us competitive and makes you happy!

Once you have purchased your key(s) you will have 48 hours to download them off our site, you will only have 3 attempts to download your key off our site.

Your key will still be active until you activate the key.

Download keys are codes that enable you to instantly access and download full games onto your computer/console.

This will be a complete game, not different in any way to the disc version you might order online or in store.

Example of a download key: AJ4W5-AAJD8-874DD-DFKJH

Origin, Steam and Uplay are official game download managers which enable you to download and play your game.

A download manager is an application that enables you to download your game directly to your computer. It works in a similar way to how you may use iTunes to download and play your music.

Unlike all other sellers, SkyLine Gaming provides refunds on digital games keys. To get a full refund on a purchased key, you need to contact SkyLine Gaming team by SkyLineGamingUK@outlook.com and provide a screenshot that proves the key wasn’t used. The key would return to the store and as soon as the next customer would buy and activate it, we’ll provide you the full refund.

With any questions and refund requests please contact our customer service team by SkyLineGamingUK@outlook.com

Order emails are sent instantly and automatically after payment. Please check your inbox and spam folders. Please also make sure you are checking the correct email address:

• If you paid through PayPal: check your registered PayPal email address.
• If you paid without a PayPal account: check the email address you entered.

If you have still not received your order email: in most cases this is because an invalid/incorrect email address was given to us, or because your email provider is mistaking the email as spam and is blocking it from coming through.

You will receive your key immediately after payment. You can find your keys in 3 places, the first would be on screen after you have finished the payment process, the second will be sent to your email address. Most customers receive their email within seconds. If you haven’t received your email, please make sure you are checking the correct email account and check your spam folder. And finally the third if you have an account with us you can find your key within your account.

Please check each game's description, but the vast majority of games here (over 99%) are for global use and can be downloaded from anywhere in the world. Almost all games also have multiple languages available meaning they can be played in your local language.

Buying the official download from us, you will immediately have access to your game. The process is much faster and simpler than buying disc games; your game is delivered instantly, no need to wait for your game to arrive in the post. You can pay for your game, download and start playing instantly.